Introducing Billysky

billysky-2Friday Nov 1, 2013.  My friend bent a whole bottle of my Jack Daniels and in replacement he gave me….a 7 week old kitten…. that was found injured under a tree in New Jersey….with no mother and no other kittens around.

I was not consistent with having a cat but the cat decided she was staying.  So I said to the cat, “May I name you Billysky?  And she said “Meow.”   More about Billysky throughout this blog…….

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  1. K Davison says:

    Totally Fabulous! You get an A on writing skills and for fantastic pictures. Thanks for sharing the details of your trip along with the background information. Next trip you better take your friends along…

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  2. K Davison says:

    Also, I’m not sure Billysky gave consent for you to reveal her trauma history and naked photos…


    1. paulifeblog says:

      She and I discussed it. She is good and she appreciates you getting (petting?) her back. She also said she hopes to see you in 2017.


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