We saw many carnivores beyond lions and leopards on the Safari. This post introduces 5 carnivores I thought the most interesting:

  • African Wild Dogs
  • Crocodiles
  • Honey Badgers
  • Caracal (a kind of cat)
  • Banded Mongoose

African Wild Dogs

On an evening safari in from Gomoti Camp in the Santawani Concession, Emmanuel got a call on the radio that a pack of African wild dogs were spotted.  He said “Hold on everybody,” and we got our African massage (also known as an exceptionally fast jeep ride on a very bumpy dirt road).  As darkness came on, we followed this pack of 13 mottled canines – it was a special treat to see these endangered dogs.

We eventually lost the pack as it went to an area we could not drive. We took a bathroom break, then suddenly a Steinbok blew through so fast we could barely make out what it was, followed by two dogs racing after it. I was cheering for the Steinbok (they are adorably cute) and it was clear the Steinbok was going to be no dogs dinner that night.

Ironically, in the very early morning two days later, the pack was at the watering hole beside our camp  – not sure how I felt about that. [The picture was taken with a wide aperture and no tripod – brightness adjusted].


Crocodiles (Nile)

These two 12-footers (?) were on the Chobe River and fairly easy to spot. Birds and crocodiles have an unusual relationship.


Great picture of me on the Gomoti River (notice the elegant giraffes across the river). But as Crocodiles are not always so appearant I was “advised” to be more heads up – in other words, Please Get Away From the Rivers Edge Right Now – lo and behold there were some less-easy-to-spot crocodiles a few hundred yards down river.  Yikes.

Honey Badgers


Though the viral video was cute, we saw five different Honey Badgers and there is nothing cute about these mean weasels with crazy powerful teeth.  img_4238One came into our camp during breakfast going close to my tent which is in the background – always had to keep an eye out (zoom in and see if you can see it).


Though the caracal looks like a fox it is a wild cat.  We were lucky to see this nocturnal secretive feline.  This cat really was beautiful.


Banded Mongoose

These creatures hang in large troops.  They eat small animals and birds.  I found them to be sort of gross.


Next post is coming soon.  African Safari Part 5 – Herbivores and Omnivores.  This post will feature Giraffes, Zebras, Warthogs, Hippos, Monkeys, and a few different kinds of Antelopes.