I had the opportunity for an upgrade to first class on both legs of my American Airlines November trip between BWI and DFW (B737).  Two by two seating vs three by three on a multi-hour flight maintains some basic human dignity that some airlines seem hell-bent on removing, but that is a different subject for a different time.  Today’s subject is my meals on these flight.

Update:  I have added two more posts about American Airlines First Class Food:


Thumbs up to American Airlines for bringing back a real bourbon to its offering – Woodford Reserve. Albeit I love Jack Daniels, it is a Tennessee whiskey not a bourbon whiskey.  I enjoyed a bourbon and ginger  with a ramekin of warmed nuts (almonds and cashews with a few pistachios and pecans thrown in for good luck) prior to the meal service.

BWI to DFW – Dinner service

Chicken pot pie or peppers stuffed with cheese.  I picked the wrong dish.


Chicken pot pie with peas, carrots, Yukon gold potatoes, pearl onions, and bechamel sauce.  Kale salad with citrus and crumbled feta.

The pot pie is supposed to come with 3 pieces of biscuits not 1.  But that hardly would have made a difference.  Not even a good try – notice how the sauce has separated but at least it masked the mess under it.  I believe the reason the kale salad is so sad is because it took one look at the “chicken pot pie” and wilted.

DFW to BWI – lunch service

Vegetable orzo or red enchiladas.  The flight attendant said the vegetable dish actually looked really good. So I requested it.  Redemption!

Chilled shrimp with Italian parsley and saffron orzo on a bed of baby gem lettuce and a pretzel roll.  OJ with dinner since I already had 2 mixed drinks.
A closer look at the orzo. It came with red onions, haricot vert, piquillo peppers, zucchini, patty pan squash, and sunburst squash.

This dish was tasty, the vegetables flavorful and crisp. It worked well for me.

Some things are perhaps better left unknown on an airplane (like where the shrimp is sourced from or what went to wrong with the pot pie).  On this round trip I give American Airlines a 1 for 2.  By the way, that is 50% which by most standards outside of baseball is failure.