This post is a collection of videos from the African Safari.  Enjoy!

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Male Lions of Linyanti

The “greeting ceremony” is customary of male lions that work together as a team.  This is a greeting when they are relaxed, happy, and well-fed.  These two hunted and ate a younger elephant the previous day.

The next night one of the brothers appears to have “met” a female (based on tracks).  The following morning his brother roared for him to come back.  Even with the volume up you can not get the volume and effect of being there – the roar was so loud, so deep in the earth, in the air, through the trees, so amazing a sound.

He continues to search for his brother.

We had to leave for the next camp, but Emmanuel was confident the brothers would find each other that day.

Female Lions and Cubs of Tubu

We found a mother who recently had 5 cubs, along with the pregnant grandmother, in wooded area in the savanna in the Jao Concession, Okavango Delta, Botswana.  In the first video, the mother lion is cleaning up 4 of the playful cubs after they enjoyed some zebra meat.  In the second video, the cubs great their mother and lay with her.

The runt coming to breast feed the mama lion licks the zebra blood off of the cub also (around 33 seconds in – so cute).

The cubs needed cleaned up because they, along with their mother enjoyed a zebra for their meal.

The cubs also practiced play fighting which is good for when they are introduced to the rest of the pride.