An Open Letter To Those Who Think Discrimination Is OK

This post is atypical in subject, lack of pictures, and theme from what I normally write about, but I feel the need to write it, so I did.

*  *  *

Dear Fellow Human Being Who Disciminates,

I have seen way too much discrimination, especially as of late, from you and others.  I have noticed patterns.

I have noticed that it starts when you look at yourself and see a person you don’t like.  I have also noticed that you can not accept this person (yourself) that you don’t like.  So you blame others in convenient “categories” by trying to put them lower than you.

Maybe you don’t like yourself because you struggle with jobs and money.  Maybe you don’t like yourself because of insecurities about relationships or attractions.  Maybe you don’t like yourself because of your appearance.  Maybe you don’t like yourself because you were brought up to not like yourself.  Maybe you don’t like yourself because you lack friends.  Or love.

To feel better about yourself, to prop yourself up, you terrorize a minority group or immigrant group.  You belittle people who make far less money then you.  You attack gays. You degrade those of a particular religion.  You diminish women.

Definately you need to find a mirror and some honesty.

Definately you need to leave other groups of people alone.  Those you will never meet face to face and those you have met face to face.

Hopefully one day you will trust someone enough to say to them “I have a problem,” and begin to liberate your demons.

In the meantime I feel bad for your pain, but I feel far worse for the arbitrary people you choose to inflict it on.

May you find peace,


PS Institutional discrimination always starts with individuals.  It will also be ended by individuals.  Very loud individuals that will come together to do the right thing.




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  1. Bill says:

    Good points. Another appropriate word to use is “prejudice”. Also, being fairly moderate, my filter settings allow me to see these behaviors in both conservatives toward liberals and liberal causes, as well as liberals toward conservatives. There is not a one-size fits all conservative or liberal. I miss the days of talking with extremely conservative or extremely liberal friends, sometimes disagreeing, but at the end of the day, leaving with respect for their positions (and at least liking if not loving them) rather than judgment.


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