Every now and then I get in a monster mood for somebabes fried chicken sign hardcore fried chicken.  A mini-excursion to Texas (either Frisco, Tx or Roanoke, Tx both near Dallas) took care of that need.  The place is called Babe’s.  It’s quirky.

The first time I went to the Roanoke, Tx location and three of us sat.  The waitress came over and said, “You boys babes fried chicken exteriorready to order?”

I was the loser who said, “We haven’t seen a menu yet.”

She looked at me like I had some sort of disability and slowly said, “We only got two thing – fried chicken and fried steak?”

Me: “I’ll have the fried chicken.  Does it come with anything?”

Waitress: “Yup.”

And so it was.  I became a fan.

The Frisco location has a bit more choices (five to be exact) and this time we got fried chicken and fried catfish, plus all the sides of course.  It’s a BYO with fun, singalong music.  Here is the meal:

Starter:  Tossed iceberg salad with a dressing made basically from sugar, oil, vinegar, and salt. Plus biscuits with sorghum syrup or honey.  Now how often do you get sorghum syrup – that’s a treat.

babes fried chicken salad and bisquet

babes fried chicken bisquit
Sorghum syrup on left, honey on right

Chicken.  Breast, leg, thigh, and wing – hot, crisp, and plump.

Catfish and Sides.  Catfish with tartar(?) and the parade of unlimited sides:  mashed potatoes and cream gravy, cut beans, and creamed corn.  I don’t even really like cream corn but something about theirs made us get two bowls and finish them both.

It’s a great place for people watching like our fun waitress and some guy chomping his chicken, drinking a 22 of beer, and giving me the middle finger for, I suppose, randomly taking his picture.

Deserts.  Babe’s has seasonal deserts.  We asked what the seasonal deserts were and she said Chocolate Meringue pie, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, Pumpkin Pie, and something else.   Strawberry Rhubarb Pie after some amazing fried chicken – oh hell yeah, so we ordered it. Only to find out she told us all their seasonal deserts for the whole year (which is what we asked I guess). The desert for winter was Chocolate Meringue Pie.  (It worked too).

babes fried chicken desert
It ain’t pretty but it’s damn tasty.

If I had a Triglycerides or cholesterol test tomorrow I would fail.  And be good with that.