Look who just loves to lay in the sun – Billysky!

I walked in and said, “Look at you Billysky – you look like you want a pina colada.”

She replied, “No thank you.  How about a real good, long petting instead while I enjoy these rays.  Let’s start with the tummy.”

Billysky cat sunbathing

And she did get a good, long petting after I took the pictures.

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And for you really cat-obsessed readers:

Why do cats like laying in the sun so much?  Unlike with humans, it has nothing to do with Vitamin D.  Cats get that solely from food.  A little research says it is primarily a combination of two things.

The genetics of the longer, leaner cats (like Billysky) come way back from their days as desert animals, so hotter temperatures and sunshine are instinctively desired by them.

Their metabolism is the other big reason – they actually conserve energy by getting it from sunlight (solar). Cat’s body temperature normally runs about 102 F (39C) which is much warmer than many of our residences.  When the cat rests they need another source to maintain that temperature, and they get that from the sun.

Final thought.  After I took the pictures I sat in the sun with Billysky.  She was spot on – that sun felt mighty nice.  So did sitting with Billysky.