The problem with a 4 day work week (since Monday was Memorial Day in the United States) is that 5 days of work get crammed into 4 days.   And come Friday of most weeks I am tired.  I-want-to-do-nothing kind of tired.

And to the two people who asked, yes I work.  I work hard. A lot.  I guess you took this blog to imply that I just travel around the world on a whim, go to cool restaurants, and play with my cat.  Illusion busted.  I wish.  I have to fund my own lifestyle and that of a spoiled cat.  Since I am not a criminal, don’t have a trust fund, and never buy lottery tickets, that leaves one option – work.

But this post isn’t about me.  It’s about my Friday night low-cost dinner that could have easily costed $20 at a restaurant.  Too tired and too not-in-the-mood to go out, I cooked.

First I walked to my garden and saw some carrots and chard ready to pick.  I looked in my refrigerator to see what I had.  I had some Gaspars Portuguese Linguica (my mother picked it up last time she was in New Bedford Masschusets I love their sausage).  I also had some Italian Bread and of course black walnuts because who wouldn’t have black walnuts in their refrigerator.

And literally 15 minutes later I had created this delicious beauty.

Portuguese Linguica, chard, carrots, and black walnuts open faced on crusty bread with a side of pickles.


Tonda Di Parigi heirloom carrot perfect for bad soil as it grows sweet and stubby.

The morale of this story:

  1. Be creative in cooking.  If there are four things you like put them together and you may surprise yourself.
  2. Have a backyard garden or join a community garden.  Having fresh produce will take you far.
  3. Going out to eat shouldn’t be for convienence, it should be for an experience.  Keep the magic alive.