My friend said, “You know what would be cool for your blog?”

Knowing this guy, I guessed, “Shutting it down?”  He chuckled, actually it was less a chuckle and more just a sound.

I said, “Tell me.”  He suggested I post every 100th picture in my iPhone each day for a week and tell the story behind the picture.

My response:  “That’s stupid.”

*    *    *

So here it is starting with picture number 4 in my iPhone – a Brandy Alexander.

Brandy Alexander The Classic Roanoke Tx

Where was this taken?  The Classic Cafe in Roanoke Texas.  This restaurant serves an eclectic menu of creative food.  Their food is fresh to whatever is growing in the (rather large) garden and orchid behind the restaurant.  They even have their own hens for eggs. Guests are invited to explore or tour the garden at their leisure.

What is it?  This is a Brandy Alexander served as a dessert and made with vanilla bean ice cream instead of heavy cream.  I remember it tasting silky and beautiful.  I also remember it being pretty strong yet balanced, with just enough hint of nutmeg and clearly a decent quality Brandy (I almost wondered if they had used Cognac instead of Brandy).

For those unfamiliar, a Brandy Alexander contains equal parts Brandy, Creme de Cocoa, and heavy cream (or ice cream in this case) topped with nutmeg. This drink brought back memories of more carefree high school and college days as a Brandy Alexander was our drink of choice at the beach (the “drinking age” was much lower back then and we walked everywhere anyhow).

Who was I with?  Two fun co-workers who avoid chain restaurants as much as I do and appreciated that a meal is never over until after dessert is served.

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