Picture number 304 in my iPhone – SoundHound.

Sound Hound

Where was this taken?  In my living room listening to some great tunes on
WXPN, commercial free public radio that plays broad selection of music, definitely not the same 20 songs over and over again.  I love listening to the radio.

What is it?  Soundhound is my favorite app (except WordPress of course?).   When I hear a song and I want to know the name or artist, I open Soundhound, touch ‘Listen’ and it tells me the song title, artist, and album. For free.  Press the screen-grab buttons and boom got the song to add to a playlist later.

Who was I with?  Billysky of course.  She likes to listen to the radio with me.

If you don’t know the song Spanish Flea from 1965 here it is.  Pretty jazzy.


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