What a perfect picture for a Friday!

This is my good friend George and my good friend Liz.

drunk friends 1 george and liz

Where was this taken?  On my backyard deck.  Which was full of empty plates of food.  And empty red wine bottles and empty bourbon and ginger glasses.

What is is? It’s two drunk people about to share an intimate moment (or at least something).   It’s also another of my degenerate deck parties.

Who was I with?  I was with George and Liz and a couple other friends that you don’t see (not sure George or Liz saw them either).

drunk friends 2 george and liz

Here is another picture of them.   As you can see both George and Liz are good looking.  They are also nice, interesting, funny, fun, and a bunch of other superlatives.  George is a real estate agent with a heart of gold and excellent taste.  If you ever need a good laugh or an ear to listen, George is there.  Liz is a world traveler and ought to start a blog (hint).  Liz works in the food service industry and has powerful writing skills.  She taught me how to cut a great many words from my writing and keep the same meaning (and yes I do occasionally slip into bad habits).

And sometimes wine makes them weirdzees.

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