Sexy Cat Pictures

What makes Tuesday tales of woe feel better? Alcohol and drugs. Sexy cat pictures.

And after Billysky and I had our chat last week I said, “My beautiful cat, I need you to model. ”

And she said, “I am me-happy-ow to oblige.”

Here are four purrfect Tuesday sexy cat pictures, featuring none other than Billysky.  By the way, CocaCola has given me no payment for amazing product placement.


On behalf of Billysky and I, thank you for reading and have an amazing day.



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  1. Marc-André says:

    Wow these are amazing


    1. paulifeblog says:

      Thanks Marc. That means a lot to me. I took the first 3 pictures myself and my friend who is helping me take better pictures snapped the fourth picture. Of course I had a good model….

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  2. Teresa Brown says:

    That cat looks awfully familiar loved the lion pics too… do you have more?

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  3. paulifeblog says:

    Glad you like the lion pics (and you know Billysky oh too well lol). I have maybe a couple hundred lion pics, but the best lion pics are here:

    and here for the female lions and adorable cubs:

    Thanks for checking out the site!


    1. Teresa Brown says:

      Those are so awesome… I’d love to use some of them in my art?
      btw…. I checked a painting into Einstein Hospital’s Braemer Gallery in Norriton today… my mountain goats…. the exhibition runs until Nov 8 if you’d like to see…
      I use the initials TZ to sign my work… for TZ Art…. I’m really excited to show it.


  4. contoveros says:

    OK, I got you beat.

    My cat, Sundance, meditates with me.

    She is usually bothered by the two male cats my son brought into our Conshohocken home. They are brothers which he named “Jack” and “Daniel.” You can imagine where his head was at the time of their naming.
    We also have their mentally challenged brother, of whom we named “Igor.” He was left when one of my son’s friends moved out of the house. Igor is very strange and doesn’t get along well or play nicely with the others. He does love to greet you when you come into the home and he rubs up against your legs.

    I’ve always been a cat person and don’t trust others who don’t like cats.

    Michael J, one of your neighbors

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