Happy Anniversary to My Blog – 6 Months Old Today.

Thank you to all who read, subscribe, like, comment, or send me private messages to give me shit praise about what I write.  Thank you for seeing the world with me.  This post is a reflection of six months of blogging (and a little bit of self-gratuitous promotion). Please enjoy as much as I have enjoyed writing this.

PaulSeesTheWorld Milestones

Most Popular Posts 

These four posts stand out in popularity (based on views).   It means a lot to me that they continue to be so well received. I put a lot of thoughtfulness and work into each of them. Feel free to check them out if you missed them.

#1  African Safari Part 7 – Lion Videos  (Travel and Cats)

#2  Something Fishy Going On  (Cats, featuring none other than Billysky )

#3  Onboard Emirates Business Class A380 – Washington DC to Johannesburg  (Airplanes and Food)

#4  An Open Letter To Those Who Think Discrimination Is OK   (Random Thoughts)

Additionally, I was invited to write a guest post on Katzenworld the amazing cat blog. My post is titled Check Out These Cats and people certainly checked out the post, with 103 likes and counting.

Posts Which Made Me Scratch My Head

lucky charms st pats day
Lucky Charms for St Patrick’s Day

The stupidest post that proved to be bizarrely popular and took about 4 minutes to write: Lucky Charms for St Patrick’s Day

The post that I think a lot of people read just because of the title: Valentines Day and Zucchinis

The (really good) post I wish people read but barely anyone did probably because of the title:  Welkam Yu Mas Go Long Vanuatu

billysky-as-nunThe post I was told I was going to be struck by lightening for:  Billysky The Beautiful Cat Loves Lent.  I was also told I should invest in Photoshop and learn how to use it.

And finally, the post that Google has been sending people to almost daily:  American Airlines Food Fail.  Maybe that is why I can’t seem to ever get a first class upgrade anymore.

What I Am Most Proud of In This Blog

My initial answer was that I am most proud of the body work I created in 6 months – over 60 posts.  But after some deep reflection, there are 3 posts I am most proud of.  Two are examples of more creative writing than a travelogue or cat pictures. The other because it is an essay from my heart.

The 3 posts are (and again check them out if you have not read them yet):

An Angry Pussycat (I also learned to use HTML code for this post)

The Stories of Strangers?

An Open Letter To Those Who Think Discrimination Is OK (also one of the most popular post)

Popular Photos

Six popular photos for 6 months.

Why I Became a Blogger?


My goal in having a blog was 3-fold, all of which I am achieving:

  • Goal 1:  Improve my writing.  I had gotten away from writing in the years prior and my writing skills were deteriorating.  Writing is a skill I do not want to lose.
  • Goal 2: Share pictures and thoughts about my African Safari.  Having gotten back from Africa earlier in the fall, enough people wanted to see my pictures and I needed a good way to share them (Facebook was not the answer).
  • Goal 3:  Learn how to build an attractive website.   It might come in handy one day.

I never expected the blog to be a viral hit or attempted to make it one.  But it does well enough to keep me motivated in achieving my goals.   I thank you as readers for that.

From the Beginning

I launched paulifeblog.wordpress.com on December 29, 2016 (which means I switched the privacy setting from Private to Public).   I had 7 posts published when I launched (to the experienced bloggers reading this, yes I know).  By March I had enough views to convert to my own URL: PaulSeesTheWorld.com and in May I changed my Theme (that was an interesting adventure).

Concluding Thought

I get enough views and visitors that I am going to keep writing in the blog for another 6 months.  Once again:   To fellow bloggers, thank you for writing and sharing your world with me.  To everyone, thank you for reading!