Once again, a post about Food.  Also known as Berry Berry Good.

Q. What do you call a sad strawberry?

A.  A blueberry.

I am in Maryland at someone’s house and I wanted some fruit. They told me to venture to the backyard and help myself.  How wonderful it was, sustainable, fresh, organic fruit, picked by me and a fine young man named Joe with a good head on his shoulders and off to college in the fall.   Joe cares about the environment and sustainable food which is so promising for our future.


We wanted some blueberries.  Tree to mouth.  Sweet, juicy, and delicious.





Next we wanted some raspberries – sweet, firm, magical (but watch those thorns when you pick them yourself).

Picking rasberrys
Joe picking wild raspberries
Rasberry bush
I ate them right off the bush

Black Walnuts

We noticed a walnut on the ground and looked up to see the abundance of nuts in the walnut trees.

Black walnut
This black walnut must have fallen early in a storm

They will not be ready to harvest until fall but it looks like there may have a great many this year.

Black Walnut tree
Me pointing up into the majestic towering walnut tree

If you are not familiar with black walnuts, you can read more about them by clicking Selenium, L-arginine, and Snow.  And if you want to know a great way to cook with them, check out this Portuguese Linguica meal.  I can’t wait to get more of these delicious and healthy tree nuts.


Granted we were full of berries, but we walked to check out the apple grove.  The apples won’t be ready until fall either, but these baby apples have been born and look great.

Baby apple
Joe holding a baby apple
Apple trees
The apple grove

Q. What is the difference between an elephant and a blueberry?

A. They’re both blue, except for the elephant.

Joe forced me to put this closing joke in here.