Considering my recent post about 6 things I like about Dallas, Tx and 6 unusual things, I went to a whiskey bar there (see Dallas like #3) with a cool cat from California (see oddity #6).   We went a “Moonshine” bar called Mash’d in Frisco.  To get to Frisco, take the Dallas North Tollway North (see oddity #1).

What is Moonshine?  Moonshine is clear, unaged whiskey made from a corn mash. Mash’d has many infused flavors of moonshine.

We couldn’t decide what to get, so we got the sampler.  When they brought it out, I realized, “Oh hell this is going to get interesting.”

Those are not little pours.

The drinks were pretty damn good.  So we got more.


As the night wore on, my friend took more pictures of me.

Good night.  It was.