Scorpion Lollipops Revisited and Other Yummy Lil’ Things

My friend Tanya recently started a blog called Yummy Lil’ Things.  Its a happy and practical blog about food. Tanya is really funny and nice and often breaks into random non sequitur animal sounds, so definitely check out her writing.

Now you might be wondering, “OK Paul, but what does that have to do with Scorpions in our Lollipops?”  Hang tight and keep reading, the good part of this post is coming up.

Tanya has commentary and recipes like homemade sweet and sour chicken  and black bean and avocado salad  (everything is good when it has avocado in it right?).  She writes about subscription meal services and homemade coffee chocolate chip ice cream. Plus homemade Sangria and National Wine Day (Wait a minute, isn’t that every day?). Keep reading because the scorpion part is coming up right after the pictures.

My All Time Favorite Post in Yummy Lil Things!

Now I might be biased somehow – but my favorite post she wrote so far is about, guess what!?!  Its about me.  So definitely read that post even if you don’t read any other posts in her blog.

Last month I wrote about Scorpion Lollipops that are sold at a local store. Tanya’s five year old son was cruising the internet like most five year olds do unsupervised and he must have stumbled across my blog.  Of course what five year old wouldn’t want a scorpion lollipop. I sent him one and a few other “interesting” treats.  (I really do like little kids they remind me of cats).

Anyhow, Tanya says a bunch of nice things about me in the post, which is great because more than anything else I love people reading about how wonderful and talented I am embarrassing being that I am so modest.

Bacon and Cheese Crickets….And Other Weird Treats

yummy lil thing 3

So check out the post about the boy who got a scorpion lollipop and a few other gross treats (and about me).  And of course take a look around while you are there.

Happy eating!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Off the bitten path says:

    Now we just need a third scorpion lollipop entry.


    1. paulifeblog says:

      Ha ha ha Mr Roy that was already your job and you did it well minus the candy flavoring. I only wish you had a picture or video of you eating it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. garylifeblog says:

    Great observation…. ‘kids are like cats’!



    1. paulifeblog says:

      Gary, its “Little kids are like cats”. Because as kids get older they become more like scorpions. And teenagers become just like donkeys. Especially when they are in their moods.


  3. yummylilthings says:

    Teenagers become donkeys…omg…that’s hilarious. I never know what you’re going to say…that’s the beauty of you. Thanks for the shout out to Yummy Lil’ Things too! I made cinnamon rolls from scratch…I’ll keep you posted. Ha ha…bad blog humor.


    1. paulifeblog says:

      Cinnamon rolls sound SO good right now and I am so hungry. I said donkeys because I really did not want to say asses. 😶😚

      Liked by 1 person

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