Dear Friends,

As my cat Billysky regularly reminds me, this blog is about Food, Cats, Travel, Airplanes, and Random Thoughts.  My last post purely about cats was Sexy Cat Pictures way back in June.  So it is that time again!  Today’s story is about Billysky and the missing cat toy. Watch the video at the end of the story.

Christmas 2016.

My parents came to visit for Christmas and brought Billysky a new cat toy.  Billysky loved that toy so much.   She would sit with it under the Christmas tree, take it upstairs, downstairs, and anywhere she could.  She even slept with it.

My parents left a few days after Christmas. Then New Years came and went, the tree was taken down, winter came, and one day it struck me: Where in the world was her new cat toy she was so attached to?   I realized I had not seen it in at least a month.  I looked everywhere a cat might hide a toy but no luck (Note to cat owners:  As if there is any luck ever finding anything hidden by a cat).  But if it were in the house surely she would bring it out.

Spring 2017.

One day my mother called and told me everything wrong with me and said a lot of things.   She finally finished with, “And for some reason we have Billysky’s toy in the bag with the wrapping paper.”  I said, “OK great I will get it next time I see you.”

Which in our family usually means three times later.

But eventually the reunion of Billysky and the missing cat toy occurred – a snippet caught on video.


That is one happy cat!

May the act of giving make you as equally happy as the act of receiving.  And may lost gifts be once again found.