Cats and Thunderstorms

The sky darkens, the wind picks up with a crisp breeze, the tree leafs turn over, and the first deep roar of thunder shakes the house.  Billysky’s ears go flat against her head and her tail low to the ground as she races to hide.

Thunderstorms mean her usual hiding under the bed or behind the overstuffed chair are inadequate.  Thunderstorms yield the kind of scared where Billysky buries herself under something so as not to see or be seen.



Her usual hiding place for a thunderstorm is in my guest bed.  One time the thunder came so fast and near that Billysky did not even make it up to the bedroom.

Under the tablecloth next to her cat basket



It really is rather pathetic.


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  1. Awwww. Our sweet little dog Angus is terrified of thunderstorms too. We call him “shaky dog” when a storm rolls around. He starts shaking when the barometric pressure starts to drop. I really do believe animals can sense that…and earthquakes too!

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  2. paulifeblog says:

    I think dogs are better at sensing it than cats, because it always seems to catch Billysky by surprise. And I remember my first earthquake in California that I really felt. The dogs went nuts howling right before it hit. I didn’t even know there were that many dogs around me.


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