I will be continuing my series on San Francisco tomorrow.  After publishing the first chapter, I got a private message from someone saying, “…I really want to go [to San Francisco] but don’t have anyone to go with…..”

Can’t find anyone to go with?  Try Solo Travel.  It is a unique and wonderful experience, and I keep meaning to write about it……..until yesterday when I read not one but two articles that say exactly what I would have said, only better.

Traveling Alone – Why Everyone Should Try It Once

Robe Trotting is a blog about a recent US ex-Pat named Derek who now lives in Copenhagen. His posts about his experiences and feelings recently moving abroad, along with his observations and recommendations for Europe, are beautifully written and full of honest emotion.

Derek wrote a great piece about Why Solo Travel.  Check it out here:  Traveling Alone – Why Everyone Should Try It Once


What you need to know about solo travel?

Quickwhittravel is a blog about traveling the world.  Honest and well-written (with great photos too).  And some quick whit in the posts of course.

Quick Whit recently wrote about doing Solo Travel like a Pro and avoiding Solo Travel Mishaps.  Together these wonderful posts are a solo-travelers guide to having an amazing solo experience.

As a matter of fact, she has a whole series on solo travel which you can see here:  Solo Travel Series

Final Thoughts

I wanted to go to Vanuatu.  Not sure if you are surprised, but no takers on that trip.  So I went alone.  And in the end I was very glad I did.

Try solo travel some time.   Sure you’ll have butterflies as you get off the plane – very normal, but after that first day and an open mind, you should be in your groove. And if you have any questions, ask me, or ask Robe Trotting or ask Quick Whit.