I woke up this morning feeling a warm body against me.  She looked at me and I looked at her.  Good morning.

billysky cat goodmorning

Then she started kneading against my leg and suckling the light wool blanket, purring loudly and thoroughly relaxed.  I think she misses her mother.

Weening a Cat

A mother cat will ween her kittens starting at about 4 weeks old.  After 10 to 12 weeks old the kittens may move away to start their own colony or join another colony. But if the kittens stay with momma then their bond grows very strong.

I occasionally wonder what happened to Billysky’s mother and the rest of the litter. When she came into my life she was about 7 weeks old. She was found injured and alone a week before that (at only about 6 weeks old – well before she should have been separated from her mother).  I sometimes wonder if Billysky suckles so much because she was separated from her mother way too young.  She goes into a deeply relaxed zone when she suckles.

Prayers for the World

Billysky and I wish good luck and prayers to all the people in the world, including those affected by the earthquake in Mexico, the hurricanes in the Caribbean and US, and especially the deadly floods in South Asia, and any other place where people struggle.

*   *   *

On Tuesday, I will post a little happy something about Billysky, so check back on Tuesday.  (And no it is not that she is pregnant, that was taken care of already).