It’s beautiful how destiny and fate occasionally align to take good care of us.  You may be thinking, oh please no Paul, not another weird cat story.  And you are in luck.


I rarely carve out enough time for the mundane basics in life – like getting a haircut.  How do I know its past time for a haircut?  Crazy, stubborn cowlicks; the side of my head looking like wings to fly; my neck just looking…well…gross.

Friday afternoon I made the executive decision.  So I called for Cooper who does a great job with my hair, but she left the shop the month before. I looked online for my backup person – totally booked.  I called another place that was recommended – no answer.

I am on the right (with bad hair).  The guy on the left is my friend Matt.  He has dedicated his professional career to helping others – from autism to leukemia to disaster recovery to opiate addiction – an amazing guy. He keeps his hair really short.

Screw it – my buddy Matt and I were hopping a train into the city for the Philly Music and Arts Fest – 26 awesome and eclectic bands over 2 days. So I put a bunch of product on my hair to temper the cowlicks and headed out.

Live Music and Angels from Barber Shop Heaven

A few cocktails, some great music, positive energy.


Between bands, Matt and I went outside.  Randomly some guy walks up to me and says, “You want a haircut?”  Say what?

I thought to myself, “What’s not weird about this?”  Was this just fortunate timing?  Or was this a sign from above?  Was this guy an apparition sent to deliver a hair-positive message? Or was this some weird psychokinetic thing about to happen with barber scissors bending to cut my hair.

And some other guy handed me hair product.  This was approaching a conspiracy.  The conspiracy of the cowlick.

Not apparitions: Dustin of West Chester, PA on the left with the funky shoes and Mike from Detroit, MI on the right.  They both seem like really nice guys who sincerely like people.


Matt wanted to go back in to see the next band, but I remained outside – it seemed this haircut was meant to be.  I had to see this through – and was very glad I did.

Before the haircut picture.  The barber (from Atlanta, GA) did not want to be in any pictures and I respect that.

It ends up these guys along with two (very good) barbers are touring the country promoting American Crew hair product.  I will say this:  I love the haircut and, although I had never tried American Crew product before, I am now a fan of American Crew.  Especially of Fiber.  I looked on Amazon and it gets 4.5/5 stars from over 1000 reviewers.  So I can’t be that wrong.

Me with my new haircut Saturday morning.  After a late night of great music, I was at a festival selling t-shirts and showing off a watermelon that I grew.

And a course thinking of all the great music from Friday night.


For regular readers, I occasionally point out that I take nothing (e.g. money) from anyone for blog mentions (and in this case the haircut and product samples were open to anyone there with or without a blog).  This post is from the heart.  Because Karma says so.