This beautiful street art is in the Brewerytown neighborhood of Philadelphia.  Brewerytown is a diverse and ever-changing residential neighborhood that at its peak (pre-prohibition) had over 700 breweries.  Todays visual streetscape is awe-inspiring. 

Philly Street Art 1


Philly Street Art 4

Brewerytown is becoming a “hot” neighborhood as the craft-beer crowd moves in.  The neighborhood has long-term churches, community gardens, corner stores, and barbershops that serve as gathering places for the long-time residents.  Many of these long-time residents are on fixed incomes, so hopefully they can maintain their presence in their neighborhood through the transformation.  And hopefully this wonderful art remains.

Philly Street Art 3


Philly Street art 2
Ursula Rucker is a spoken word artist from Philadelphia.  Please read these powerful words.

These are not murals by the way.  They are printed pieces glued to the walls.  Either way, they are moving.

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