Sincere thanks to my readers for your great feedback and likes on my post: Visiting Laos  where I give a taste of the iconic landscape and warm people of Laos.  Traveling always has a little humor. In this post it falls in the “lost in translation” category.

Like many countries, the government of Laos has rules for all hotel guests.  They had the courtesy to give us an English translation of the rules.  Much of it makes sense, though two of the rules caught my eye.  Read for yourself (the red was added by me).

Laos Hotel Rules

Rule 5:  Not really sure what clambing is, but how very classy to say “making love“.

Rule 6:  Let it be known that my prostate stays with me at all times; however, believe me, I promise I will never make sex movies with it.

For the record, here is the original document if you speak Lao.

lao hotel rules

Enjoy and appreciate every day of your life. More (serious) posts to come about this beautiful country.