I have not seen my cat in five weeks.  For those of you who do not regularly follow this blog, her name is Billysky and she is a 4 year old Tuxedo Cat. If you want to read the story about how I unexpectedly got this cat instead of a bottle of Jack Daniels, then click on this sentence (and there are even cute pictures). 

I wrote a (surprisingly popular by my blog’s standards) post called What To Do With Your Cat When You Go On An Extended Trip and yes I did follow my own advice.  I am told Billysky is happy and well.  (Though I was warned that I might not be so happy but I can put her on a diet when she gets home.  Hmphhh.)

Reunited With My Cat

Tomorrow is the day.  Its Thanksgiving and I am going to my parent’s house where she has been staying while I traveled.  I am excited to see her.  I miss petting her, playing with her, and the stupid routines she and I have developed over the past 4 years.

For Billysky, this is the longest she and I have been apart since she came into my life at 7 weeks old (she was 7 weeks old; I was much older).

So what will her reaction be when she sees me after 5 weeks?

My hope is she goes cat crazy happy when I walk in and doesn’t leave my side.

My fear is she regresses to being the skittish cat that just hides, especially from me.

My guess is she at first gives me the cold shoulder saying in her own cat way, “Oh you’re back.  Well guess what, I have all new routines and you are not part of any of them.” But then by the afternoon she says, “I sure could use a good petting.  Well since you happen to be standing here, you might as well do it.”  Then later, “It’s time for my feeding.  I guess you can do it if you want to since everyone else is busy.”  And by nightfall she says, “Oh did I accidentally drop my favorite stuffed whale-toy at your feet?  Well you might as well pick it up and throw it across the room so I can chase it.”  And by nightfall all will be forgiven.

Cat Comes Home

On Sunday, Billysky needs to go into her cage which is always a fight unless I somehow trick her (which I am getting better at).  Then we drive a few hours home.  Regardless of how she reacts when I walk in on Thursday, once she gets back to our house, I have no doubt all the routines will come back instantly.  That’s how cats roll after all.

Those She Leaves Behind

But there will be two people who after five weeks will be left with an empty spot in their house.  They love having her there and she is really relaxed, comfortable, and affectionate around them.

I was told, “She is welcome to stay until Christmas,” to which I promptly answered, “Thank you, but get your own cat if you want to keep her that badly.”

If nothing else, I need her for my blog.  She has the most popular non-airplane post in this blog after all:  Sexy Cat Pictures


Thank you for reading and be good to all our furry four-legged friends.