I was going to name this post:  Great Mysteries of Christmas;
But a title like that seemed quite ridiculous.
You might be wondering, “What is this all about Paul?”
Well I will tell you the story, the whole thing, it all.

A Shipment from UPS

I got an email notice last week from the United Parcel Service;
Getting a package before Christmas did not make me nervous.
Probably a Christmas gift from one of my brothers;
Or who knows, maybe from some others.

UPS Notice

Package arrived, I put it under the tree;
What was inside? I would wait till Christmas to see.

Opening Gifts

I opened the UPS box on this past Christmas morning;
Here was the card atop the package, sort of a warning?


For new readers, welcome to my very special blog;
There is a backstory that I must first unclog.
I have a beautiful tuxedo cat, her name’s Billysky;
I am very attached to her, I will not lie.
She was a tiny injured kitten and my friend said, “You like cats right?”
And the cat and I have been close ever since that first fateful night.


It Gets Even Better (Or Maybe Worse)

There is no possible way; for a cat did not order online;

Nor did the cat have it sent UPS, so it would get to me on time.

For I am certainly certain, that I am in no way delusional;

Though being teased about cats seems to be quite the usual.


I opened the box and what I saw was a shocking surprise;
And not only that but it was perfectly my size.
It is colorful and comfortable and simple to wear;
It even looks good, from the front and the rear.

My wearing the cat shirt
Back of the cat shirt


This shirt is too fun, plus I have no fear;
What will people think?  I really don’t care.

The Mystery

And so stays my gift, still one thing remains;
Who sent the shirt? I want to know your name(s).
If it’s like the Valentines day card I got from Billysky;
I will not find out who sent it, not till late in July.
With curiosity that’s killing me, I’m much like a cat;
For the senders a mystery, I do accept that.