I wrote about the wonderful Cathay Pacific flight in my previous post: Cathay Pacific International First Class Review.

Believe me I was beyond excited for this flight.  It was my very first ever true international first class experience, and on one of the best airlines in the world. That said, my worry was how awake I would be at 1:30 am – the departure time.  I worked that day (Oct 25) so I was up at about 6:30 am, then headed to my home airport for my evening flight to Boston.  For as much as I planned to be well-rested for this flight, it didn’t work out.  But never underestimate adrenaline, plus I had 15 hours for the experience, so even if I slept for 8 hours on the plane, I would have another 7 hours to enjoy.


Getting to Boston Logan International Airport

To arrive from a domestic flight and transfer to an international flight at Boston Logan airport means leaving the secure area, taking a bus to the international terminal, and passing through TSA security again.  Sort of a pain in the neck, but not uncommon at old urban airports (e.g. LAX).

On the day of my flight, the logistics of Boston were the least of my worries. A massive rainstorm with thunder and lightening was pounding the east coast of the United States.  My flight to Boston was delayed 30 minutes, then 60 minutes, then 90 minutes.  I tensed up with each delay thinking, “This isn’t really happening.”  It was the last flight of the night to Boston.  With every passing delay I moved closer to the gate counter to be first in line just in case.  I had to dig deep inside my brain to find the cells that said calm down.  Was I was going to miss my first international first flight?

Then the gate counter phone rang.  I heard the gate agent say, “Yes, got it.  Flight is back on time.”  The board changed.  My cell phone rang with the automated message, “Your flight is back on time.” American Airlines I love you. Mother Nature I love you. Life is good.  Boston here I come.

Cathay Pacific at Boston Logan

CX 811

Boston’s international terminal is polished and airy.  Cathay Pacific check-in is to the far left, with dedicated counters for each class.  I went to the first-class line which had one check-in station (there are only 6 seats in first after all).  Another passenger was checking in already so I stopped at the head of the queue.  A Cathay agent, a well-presented young man, looked up and literally ran out to greet me.  He apologized that another customer was being checked-in and that I was not immediately greeted.  He took my papers and escorted me to his station, completing check-in, explaining my lounge invitations.  He explained the boarding process, gave me clear directions to the British Airways lounge, and invited any possible questions.

Then off I went through security (pre-check was closed at this hour), admired the plane at the gate, and then went to the new British Airways Terraces Lounge.

British Airways Terraces Lounge At Boston Logan

British Airways’ new Terraces lounge at Boston International Airport opened this past year.  It’s a beautiful lounge.  At this hour, the lounge was only being used by Cathay Pacific passengers, and a good number of them.  But the lounge is plenty large enough that it did not feel crowded.  The British Airways dining and bar service were closed, though the area was still opened.

The Millennial Travelers did a nice and accurate review of this lounge which can be found here:  Review: New British Airways Terraces Lounge so I will not repeat a bunch of stuff.

Emirates 777
Plane spotting from the British Airways Terraces Lounge.  I spy a beautiful Emirates Boeing 777-300ER.

The lounge has a great room design, lots of outlets, brilliant tarmac views, and for British Airways flights, direct to airplane boarding.

Terraces Boarding
If you are flying British Airways you can board directly from the Terraces lounge.

The employees at the lounge were polite and quiet.  I had asked for a shower and about 30 minutes later the hostess found me and told me my shower was ready.  The shower room was immaculate, and the shower offered great water pressure plus a sink and toilet.  It also had toothbrushes and paste, razors and cream, and other amenities.  The towels smelled fresh.

Boston British Airways Terraces Shower
A refreshing hot shower before a long haul flight is always a good idea.

The food and drink offering in the lounge were nothing special, except for a nice selection of beers: bonus points for having Sam Adams Winter Lager and Boston Lager.  There were also sodas, water, juice, and 3 red and 3 white wines.  Ironically I could not find a champagne but that was OK.  The bar, as well as the hot buffet and dining room, were closed and I did not see hard liquor anywhere.


For food they had 3 kinds of mini sandwiches:  Ham, salmon, and eggplant, plus a wrap.  There were also some crudites and chicken noodle soup (which seemed the popular choice) plus M&Ms, dried fruit, wasabi nuts, and pretzels.  I tasted the sandwich (not super fresh),  the soup (pretty good), and then had M&Ms and dried fruit to hold me over.

Call for Boarding

At about 1 am we were called for boarding.  Off I went to the gate, past the economy passengers queuing up, to show my ticket and passport.

My excitement was over the top and I did feel wide awake.

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