We landed in Hong Kong at 4:30 am, 40 minutes earlier than scheduled and still dark outside. To my body it was 4:30 in the afternoon and I was ready to go.  Everything about my 15 hour flight in First Class from Boston to Hong Kong was wonderful.  

Arriving in Hong Kong

The airport had not really woken up at this early hour.  The arrival walk was long and quiet, but it felt good to stretch my legs.  Hong Kong does not require filling out immigration and customs forms when just transferring airplanes.  They skip the annoying “collect your bags” and “recheck-in at the transfers desk” for passengers in transit.  As it should be.

I made my way to the main terminal, went through a security screening which was about the same as a pre-check screening in the United States, and enjoyed wandering around the terminal.  My next flight was at 8 am.

The Wing First Class Lounge

The Wing Champagne Station
Cathay Pacific The Wing First Class Lounge Champagne Station

As my departure gate was near The Wing First Class Lounge, I figured I would head there.  I found out that the Business Class Lounge was open but the First Class Lounge did not open until 5:30 am.  I used the facilities and meandered a bit until 5:30 then headed upstairs to the First Class Lounge.

The sun was still an hour away from rising, and there were maybe 5 of us in this expansive lounge at that time.  Just walking around told me how beautiful it was.

The Wing bar area
Seating area in The Wing First Class Lounge.  Notice the bar and bar tender in the background.
The Wing Private Seating
Private seats

I took a seat to collect my thoughts and the bar tender approached me.  “May I get you anything?”  “Yes a Mimosa please.”  The orange juice tasted fresh squeezed and I do not know what kind of champagne was poured but that Mimosa was great.  I had a glass of Champagne to chase it.  Because I could.

Next in order was a shower.  I knew this lounge has exquisite cabanas, but considering my short stop over and my desire for just a shower, I was fine with the clean and well appointed shower room.  Believe me on how good a shower feels after a 15 hour flight regardless of your class of service.

After my shower I explored the lounge a bit.  The few passengers in the lounge were in the restaurant enjoying breakfast.  I was not really hungry, so I went to the tea area.  The Wing offers a wonderful selection of loose teas with delicious fruit and pastries to go with it.

The wing loose teas
The Wing loose tea bar
The wing tea area
The Wing Loose Tea menu.  I enjoyed the 1990s Royal Loose Cooked Pu-erh.

I originally intended to check out the Pier First Class Lounge, but before I knew it it was time to board my flight to Thailand.  And off I went again.

Final Thoughts

This is the final of my 3 parts reviewing the wonderful Cathay Pacific First Class International Experience.  Part 1 is Cathay Pacific International First Class: Anxiety and the Boston Experience and Part 2 is Cathay Pacific International First Class Review.

Flying Cathay Pacific in first class was a lifetime experience.   I want to do it again, but tickets cost money and I am not reckless with money.

What stood out the most about Cathay Pacific was the service.  Each and every one of their staff was professional, friendly, service-oriented, and made me feel special.

If you ever get a chance to fly Cathay Pacific upper class I highly recommend doing it!

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