What happens when an industrious teenager learns to weld?  Be warned, this post is neither for the faint of heart nor for those who fear heights.This is Matt. He lives in North Carolinia and is around 16 years old.  He recently learned to weld.

Matt is an interesting guy with some interesting hobbies.  Thus it begged the question what might he weld.

Bicycle seat. Pedals. Extraordinarily long bike chain.  Long metal poles.  One wheel.  What could it be?  Hmmmm. Why yes a Unicycle.

No Ordinary Unicycle


And did Matt plan to ride this thing?  If you knew Matt, you would realize what a silly question that was.


Mounting and dismounting

Matt knows how to build things, he reaches for new heights, and he doesn’t know fear.  Watch out world.   I get the feeling Matt is just getting started.