In my previous post, I talked about selecting a cruise.  We chose Celebrity’s beautiful ship the Solstice for an Alaska Cruise.  As many great experiences start with cocktails so I shall start there in talking about how the cruise was. 

Drinks on Celebrity Solstice

What’s included:  Water, ice tea, regular tea and coffee, milk, standard fruit juices, and an occasional glass of champagne. The water is purified through a reverse osmosis method so it tastes far better than my water at home.

What costs extra:  Beer, wine, liquor, soda, specialty coffees and teas, bottled water, and drinks like Red Bull and Vitamin Water.  The prices are not exorbitant and were almost always less than what I pay at a bar or restaurant.

Can you bring drinks on board?  Not sure, but we bought a couple bottles of (very nice) wine each and a cork screw.

Bars on Celebrity Solstice

There are plenty of bars on Celebrity Solstice, offering pretty much something for everyone.  And if you do not feel like going to a bar, there are waiters appropriately roaming around with beverages on a tray, in particular the day’s special drink.  If you want one, you simply let the waiter swipe your cruise card and take one.  Nothing to worry about until checkout day.

My brother and I visited a few of of the bars, for example the Celebrity Solstice Martini Bar.

Celebrity Solstice Martini Bar

And Crush, which is like an ice bar.

Celebrity Solstice Crush

Then there was the champagne ice tower at brunch should you want a mimosa or simply a glass of champagne.

Champange Tower

And the impressive Wine Tower in the Grand Epernay dining room.

wine tower

The Bar at Galleria Tastings

In our mind, there was one standout bar for those serious about their cocktails:  the Bar at Galleria Tastings, which is next to the ship’s art gallery in a beautiful space.  The menu is inspired/created by the famous mixologist Junior Merino.

cocktails on celebrity


We enjoyed quite a number and variety of drinks at this bar.


The mixologists were very specific in their art of balancing flavors.  They were also happy to talk about the logic of the flavors and flow of the cocktails. We learned about Cocoa Lopez and about Mescal with a scorpion in it.


The cocktail menu was beyond creative.



Happy drinking.  Next post will about food on the cruise ship.