This is a continuation of some unfortunate but true events which I started documenting  here:  An Uncivil War

I had left off with my house being buried under a huge mountain of debris.   My cat had somehow survived.  I was badly injured but alive.  After mostly sleeping to heal for what felt like maybe 2 months, I awoke from my usual grogginess to a much more aware state.  I took stock of what was around me.  Though I couldn’t take stock of anything else because nothing else made sense.

Based on the number of mouse skeletons in the corner, my cat Billysky ate well.  Apparently so did I.  She had dragged a pre-made, ready-to-eat meals to me every day.  For some reason I had a large stockpile of them in my house.   I barely remember stockpiling these pre-made rations.  Nor did I recall why I stockpiled them?

The cat removed the garbage when I was done eating, keeping my environment clean.

I decided that all my questions and confusion could wait.  Gathering my whits about me, the first step was to appraise my physical wounds and injuries.  I was not in good shape, but I was not imminently dying.

My buried cave-home was meeting my needs, and Billysky’s too.  I felt no rush to leave this safe haven.  I guess that was good enough.



Index to Chapters in order:

  1. An Uncivil War
  2. An Uncivil War: Letting Wounds Heal
  3. An Uncivil War: Trust No One
  4. An Uncivil War:  The Peculiar Situation With Cats
  5. An Uncivil War: How It Started
  6. An Uncivil War: Answers About Cats
  7. An Uncivil War: The Bombing Begins
  8. An Uncivil War: Coast To Coast
  9. An Uncivil War: In Leadership We Don’t Trust
  10. An Uncivil War: Peace At Last?