This is a continuation of a confusing series of events.  You can go to the beginning of the series here: An Uncivil War

On subsequent explorations out of my buried cave-home I learned more, mostly by carefully listening while pretending to do menial tasks somewhere on the ridge.  I still avoided conversing.  I continued to trust no one.

I learned enough to put the pieces together.  My new knowledge dusted off flashes of memories.


Some of the things I learned/remembered:

  • Civil discourse in society had broken down over the last five years.  It lead to random acts of violence, then to regular and frequent violence, mostly from guns.  People became numb to the violence.
  • There were two very clear and distinct sides with no compromise in the middle.  People had to pick one side or the other.  Almost everyone picked a side, often pitting friend against friend, family member against family member, neighbor against neighbor.
  • A very small minority of people absolutely refused to pick a side.  These people were labelled as Neutrals.  The government, in a rare act of bipartisanship, passed a law requiring all citizens to pick a side, and revoking any and all protections for so-called Neutrals.
  • Many self-proclaimed Neutrals were killed early on.   A few of us fortunately had a slightly sympathetic network on both sides to protect us.
  • Society eventually broke into full-scale civil war pushed by self-righteous anarchy promoted by the government (which really is almost a contradiction).

My memories were coming back in bits and pieces.

The Decay of Civility

I remember how sad and fearful I had become as society divided and decayed.  I remember stockpiling supplies to last me a couple years, like the ready-to-eat meal rations, and fortifying my house to protect myself.  It was somewhere between hard and dangerous to get in touch with people since most of my friends and family had picked a side.

Self-Defense With Words

One vivid memory of how I survived never having a gun even to this day:  My neighbor from a few houses down, a fat bully-type of guy, was banging on my door one day.  He was yelling something like, “Come on outside for a couple minutes.  I just want to talk to you.”  He also had two guns on him.  I was afraid and had no idea how I could defend myself.  My only choice was with words.

So I berated him verbally, basically humiliated him while he was on the street.  Even though I am not a mean person, it was not that hard.  People laughed at him and he eventually went home.  I never saw him again.

He certainly picked a side and he certainly was someone to never trust.



Index to Chapters in order:

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  2. An Uncivil War: Letting Wounds Heal
  3. An Uncivil War: Trust No One
  4. An Uncivil War:  The Peculiar Situation With Cats
  5. An Uncivil War: How It Started
  6. An Uncivil War: Answers About Cats
  7. An Uncivil War: The Bombing Begins
  8. An Uncivil War: Coast To Coast
  9. An Uncivil War: In Leadership We Don’t Trust
  10. An Uncivil War: Peace At Last?