“From the times of ancient Egyptians until today, many people have been cat persons.
You were such a person.
Your cat is a big beautiful black animal.
His appearance is as much like a panther as a cat.
Your pet is a very friendly one.
Each day as you come home from work, he shows you his affection by purring,
And rubbing his sleek fur against your leg, as you reach down to scratch his head.
Until one day…….”  

(Quote is from Your Pet Cat on Disney’s Chilling Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House)

This is a continuation of a sad series of events.  You can go to the beginning of the series here: An Uncivil War

I was learning more and more with each venture outside.  I learned more about the peculiar situation with cats.  To give some context, this whole thing was fantasy-like, or maybe dream like, but it was unfortunately all too real.   One look at the 4 inch oozing wound on my stomach, and other miscellaneous poorly-healing injuries, showed how real it was.

What I learned about societies decay into violent incivility made some amount of sense.

What I learned about cats made no sense at all, except it explained everything with my cat Billysky.

Truths About Cats

cat sl

What I learned:

  • Cats could tell who is a Neutral and who is not a Neutral.
  • A cat will bolt away fast and hide from anyone that is not a Neutral unless the danger is imminent.
  • If a cat is in imminent danger it will aggressively charge the human trying to bite hard from the back of the neck to the front, with a secondary aim to scratch the eyes.
  • Other cats, from the same colony or even other colonies, will help attack a human if imminent danger is present.
  • Some people were claiming to be Neutrals to gain our confidence, only then to reveal their true selves.  That is where having a cat came in handy.  The cat knew the truth.  Again, trust no one.
  • Somehow cats picked a quick evolution path and cats have gained abnormal intelligence, maybe a 50 to 80% increase in their current intelligence level.  They now hold about the same intelligence as a human between age 6 and age 10.

I realized my cat Billysky had become the leader of our colony, even if our colony was just she and I.  She was clearly very intelligent.



Index to Chapters in order:

  1. An Uncivil War
  2. An Uncivil War: Letting Wounds Heal
  3. An Uncivil War: Trust No One
  4. An Uncivil War:  The Peculiar Situation With Cats
  5. An Uncivil War: How It Started
  6. An Uncivil War: Answers About Cats
  7. An Uncivil War: The Bombing Begins
  8. An Uncivil War: Coast To Coast
  9. An Uncivil War: In Leadership We Don’t Trust
  10. An Uncivil War: Peace At Last?