Boo!  Ha ha. Did I scare you?

My treat to you this Halloween day is the 2018 edition of 5 Best and 5 Worst Halloween Candies. What will be in your bag tonight oh kiddies and costumed ones?  Without further ghastly delays, the lists please.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, my only constraint is not to repeat treats or tricks from last year’s list.  You can check out the 2017 Edition here:  5 Best and 5 Lousy Halloween Treats

5 Worst Halloween Candies

5.  Circus Peanuts – This candy is orange-colored peanut-shaped marshmallows that taste like bananas.  Somehow they make me think of LSD.

circus peanuts

4.  BeanBoozled (Flip-Top-Box size) – Beanboozled is a jelly belly mix of good flavors like tutti frutti, juicy pear, coconut, and berry blue. But mixed in are identical jelly beans of gross flavors like barf, booger, rotten egg, and spoiled milk, all disguised as good flavors.  I guess this is the ultimate trick not treat.  Except you won’t be at the kid’s house to watch their reaction.  So that alone makes it sort of creepy.


3.  Smarties – They don’t taste particularly good.  Their texture is off.  And there always seems to be one or two that fall out of the roll only to be found under a couch three weeks later no matter how hard you look when they are dropped.


2.  PayDay Candy Bar – This is the candy bar that really needs some chocolate on it.  Its as if it was pulled from production line one step too early.

payday candy bar

1. Jesus Harvest Seeds – Yes this is real.  But friends of all faiths, Jesus’s seeds are simply candy corn in religious packaging.   You can buy these on Amazon if you feel the calling.

jesus harvest seeds

Best Halloween Candy

5. Haribo Gold Bears – The original and still the best.

haribo gold bears

4. Heath Bars – These are perfection – toffee with small pieces of almonds in it wrapped in a thin layer of milk chocolate.  Heath’s are the most underrated candy bar out there.

heath bar

3. Goetze’s Caramel Creams – I love these.  You can eat them whole, or eat the caramel then white confection, or eat the white confection then caramel.  And a shout out to their cousin Cowtails.

goetz caramel creams

2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – “You’ve got peanut butter in my chocolate.”  “You’ve got chocolate in my peanut butter.”  Who remembers this series of commercials?

Vintage Reese’s Commercial – Fun to watch!

1. Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares – A hometown favorite, and the caramel and chocolate squares are my favorite!

ghiradelli chocolate caramel


Happy Halloween and may your goody bag be full of your favorites?  What are your most liked and most disliked Halloween candies?  Let me know in comments.