Two storefronts struck me as “interesting” recently.  Amazon has got nothing on these places.

One is a liquor store in Salem, Massachusetts and the other a manicurist in San Francisco.  Too bad they are 3000 miles apart (4800 km).  If they were both close by and I wanted a manicure and a cocktail, not sure which one I would go to first.

Nail Salon in San Francisco (where else would it b
San Francisco, CA


Salem, Massachusetts

Hand job is the manicurist and Bunghole is the liquor store – in case you had not figured that out yet.

What is a Bunghole?

For those of you curious about bungholes, [and you thought this post couldn’t get worse didn’t you] a bunghole is a small aperture in an otherwise liquid-tight vessel used to fill or empty the vessel.  For example, the tap in a cask full of wine is a bunghole.  The bung is the cork or other material used to close and seal the hole tightly.

What is a Hand Job?

It’s a nail and spa salon.  What did you think I was going to say?

May each and everyone of you smile each and every day.