I think it is fair to say that any of us who write a blog are in fact writers, which in turn makes us authors, defined as a writer of a book, article, or report.  I would consider my posts to usually be the equivalent of articles, and occasionally reports.  Yet there is something magical about a blogger who can take it to the next level and actually write a book.

I follow a blog called Civil Accomplishments which is a series of articles mostly focused on personal goals and achieving them, with an emphasis on professional and financial goals.  I have to achieve my financial goals so I can have more money for travel, fancy food, and first class flights after all.

The blog owner goes by FezJingles (shhh this is not his real name ha ha).  For full disclosure, I met FezJingles in person, of all places, on an airplane last winter.  American Airlines had banished both of us to the village called economy class for the flight, but I digress.

Down On the Pharm – I Recommend This Book

FezJingle posted last month that he just published a book called Down On The Pharm.   It is about a college graduate whose first job out of college is with a pharmaceutical startup.  This company was setting up to offer generic drug formulation and manufacturing of over-the-counter product, mostly in the cold and allergy space.

Any book where the second sentence is “It has been more than six years since I worked there, which covers me under the statute of limitations laws in New Jersey,” well believe me you are in for a juicy story.  The book chronicles the author’s unusual way of getting his job, the sketchy treatment of employees over time, leading to abuses and practices that are definitely unethical and possibly illegal.  The story is told from the perspective of a somewhat naïve new graduate who is also new to the workforce.  It is a fast, alarming, and engaging read at 91 pages.


I was buying a new ice shaver on Amazon (anyone like snowcones?) so I figured heck for $6.97 and free shipping I’ll buy the paperback version of FezJingles book.  And I am glad I did.

I recommend this book to anyone, and especially those who are new or newer to the workplace.  The takeaways about workplace ethics, equity, worldview, and watching out for yourself at work are important, especially to someone newer to the workplace.

Bloggers Who Become Authors

I know of two other bloggers that I follow who have written books:

Michael Contos who writes Contoveros which is a collection of essays that get into your soul and spirit quite a bit.  Great blog.  He wrote a book called A Brewerytown Kid Grows Up which, according to Amazon (and summarized by me), chronicles his growing up in an old Philadelphia neighborhood, fighting in Viet Nam, and becoming a successful trial lawyer, and all the ups and downs in between.  I have not yet bought the book but will.

Buying Seafood is about fish and seafood. I love fish and seafood and have learned a great deal from reading this blog, including important points about health and especially sustainability.  The author, Justin Demetri, has written at least 7 books, maybe more.  The one I am most interested in buying is called From Head to Tale: Historic Seafood Recipes Through the Ages.  Yes it is a cookbook!

Any other bloggers written a book?  Let us know!