This short 30 second video that I shot will let you know what this post is all about, and turn up the volume for the full effect:


Mt Yasur Volcano, Tanna Island, Vanuatu.

I had the desire to go really far away.  The South Pacific seemed really far away.  I found an app online that was called something like, ‘What South Pacific Island is Best for You?’  I answered a handful of questions and it generated this answer:  Vanuatu.

Vanu-what???? Mind you, I’m reasonably good at geography but I needed some Google-action with Vanuatu.

mt yasur tanna vanuatu

Hmmm. Remote island-nation. Check. Never heard of it. Check. Has a volcano. Check. So I bought a ticket and off I went.

More about Vanuatu in future posts.

Experiencing Mt Yasur Volcano.  I stayed in a guest-hut (Volcano Island Paradise Bungalow) in a wonderful village near the volcano.  Please note that all photos and videos in this post were taken by me with my Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS.

Restaurant at Volcana Island Paradise
The volcano from the “restaurant” at Volcano Island Paradise

Getting to the volcano was a reasonable walk up, but hitching a ride for a few Vatus (the currency of Vanuatu) was easy too.





The volcano is best shown in photos and video.

Mt Yasur Tanna Vanuatu 5
Approaching the crater
Mt Yasur Tanna Vanuatu 2
First peak inside.
Mt yasur tanna Vanuatu 8
Turning around since I did not have a canary with me.

And then the activity really started.

Mt Yasur Tanna Vanuatu 6
I found a good rock to hide behind just in case.

As night fell the activity got stronger.

Mt Yasur Tanna Vanuatu
I luckily snapped this photo at the perfect time.  (I also luckily bothered to bring one extra pair of underwear).   Time to back up.





Paul at Mt Yasur Tanna Vanuatu
When you are atop a volcano on an island with no mirrors you really can care less what you look like.

About Mt Yasur Volcano.   “Mt Yasur volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the world.  It is estimated that the volcano has been consistently erupting for about 800 years.”   It stands about 405 meters (1328 ft) about sea level.  The cone is about 400 meters (1312 ft) in diameter.   There is a fee from the village/tribe that owns the land of 2250 Vatu (about 20 USD) for the first visit and less for any additional visit – well worth it for this up close, unique, and intimate experience with our planet earth.  The activity rating of the volcano is on a 4 point scale.  If the level is 1 or 2 you can go up to the crater.  If it is 3 or 4, then access is restricted.  It was level 2 when I was there.

Mt Yasur Tanna Vanuatu ash plain
Mt Yasur for the opposite side

More to come about the wonderful nation of Vanuatu, its capital Port Vila and Efate, Tanna Island, and getting there.