I come to Dallas fairly frequently, mostly just to pay my bills.  Like Los Angeles, it is hard to talk about the city itself, because the greater Dallas metropolis is vast.

6 Things I Like About Dallas

  1. Dallas has some great and interesting sites, including the Texas School Book Depository, the Sixth Floor Museum, Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, and the Ronald Kirk Bridge – a dynamic pedestrian footbridge over the Trinity River.
  2. Dallas has some great neighborhoods:  Bishop Arts, Deep Ellum, and Knox – Henderson, to name a few.
  3. Forget craft beer, Dallas has amazing craft whiskey bars.  A lot of them.
  4. For a place not traditionally known for fried chicken (like Kentucky and Maryland are), Dallas has some pretty damn good fried chicken – Babe’s Fried Chicken is my favorite.
  5. Dallas has some great venues for live music.  My favorite is the Majestic Theatre.
  6. The crazy left lane u-turn loop at big intersections – no lights!  Love these!

5 Oddities of Dallas

  1. Too many cardinal directions in highway names.  “….take Dallas North Tollway South…..” “Get on 35 East going North for 2 exits……”   (I am not making these quotes up.)
  2. For a state where everything is supposed the be big, the road signs certainly aren’t. WTF?
  3. Road construction vehicles have lights that make them look like police cars.
  4. Dallas has really scary rain.
  5. People in Dallas are proud to correct your pronunciation.  Like the beer called Tecate – I was pronouncing it phonetically all these years until someone in Dallas corrected me.  (They also told me I should drink better beer.)
  6. Its hard to find indigenous Texans in Dallas.  They have to be here somewhere, right?

Bonus: DFW airport is a pretty good place for plane spotting.  Click this link for a map for plane spotting locations.