Great news – guess who doesn’t have worms??!?

Perhaps for a fleeting minute you answered quietly to yourself, “I don’t have worms.” And, you know what, that is wonderful.  Really.  And even if you do, well maybe eat less dirt go to a doctor and get some Vermox.

However, this blog post is not about you; it is about my princess Billysky.  Because poor Billysky had to go to the vet last weekend for her annual checkup and rabies booster.


I now understand the guilt parents feel when they take their children to the doctors. I sort of think the Feliway calms me down more than it calms the cat down, and that’s OK.

Collecting a Stool Sample

The Vet suggested a stool sample since Billysky had parasites in the past (which is expected considering she was found as a stray cat – in New Jersey – see Introducing Billysky).  I was sent home with the sample container.

The lifecycle of Friskies Ocean Whitefish and Sardines – from can to stool sample.

Two mornings later I smelled that Billysky had provided a very fresh sample (and ripe OMG Ocean Whitefish and Sardines that little girl can kill a house sometimes with her poop smells).

The vet said Billysky is 11.6 pounds, healthy, and fit.  And I found out today she remains parasite free.   Catnip all around.

Public Service Announcement

Even though I brought [arguable] humor to the subject, be aware that humans can in fact get worms transmitted from their pets.  The best defense is to wash your hands well and often (see the hyperlinked text for the right way to wash your hands).  If your cat shows signs of worms, for both your sake and the cat’s sake, please get your feline friend checked.