Picture 204 in my iPhone – Snow and Our Lady of Fatima statuary.

Our Lady of Fatima in the Snow

Where was this taken?   At a Catholic Church in the town where I live.  We had a snow storm that Saturday February 21, 2015.  Consistent with the mild winter we had in 2015, the snow accumulated only 4 or 5 inches, but wow was it beautiful.  I like to walk in the fresh snow because sounds are muffled and everything looks so clean.

What is it?   Not many people walk back to this spot on the side of the church, especially not in the snow.  I always thought these statues represented Our Lady of Fatima, the Marian apparition witnessed multiple times by 3 children in Fatima, Portugal in 1917.

The story of Fatima is pretty wild.  Mary gave the children 3 secrets, miracles with the sun occurred for crowds of 70,000 or more people from the region, and as many times as I have tried to understand what it all means, I struggle to.  The messages go into visions of hell, the consecration of Russia, the prediction of world wars.  The 3rd secret was released by Pope John Paul II and it still creates controversy around if all of the message was released.  The take away:  the messages appear to be a warning that civilization needs to pray and stop sinning.  But it may be a warning of more.

I have visited Fatima in Portugal once.  My visit was during an ordinary day (not the 13th day of the month which those who know the story will recognize), but still a great many pilgrims flocked there.  If you go, it is helpful to first become familiar the story of Fatima.

If you are into this story, you might enjoy Stations of the Cross.

Who was I with (in the snow picture)?  On one hand I was just walking around by myself enjoying the snow. On the other hand, I do believe that I never walk alone.  Maybe that is why I come to this spot now and then, to help remember that.

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