Picture 504 – a chocolate martini full of self-inflicted pathos.

Chocolate Martini Hilton garden Inn Charlotte

Where was this taken?  At a Hilton Garden Inn.  On my birthday eve. I had a 1-day business meeting on my birthday in a city a few states away, so I flew in the night before. I was OK with it.  I would fly home in time for a delicious birthday dinner with my family. Though at the airport hotel that night before, I started feeling very alone [insert any pathetic emoticon here].

What is it?  A chocolate martini contains chocolate liqueur (this was Godiva brand), creme de cacao, vodka, and half-and-half.  This bartender’s mix was perfect, and she sweetened the martini glass with Hershy’s Chocolate Syrup and a strawberry.  It was like chocolate-birthday-cake-kind-of-perfect.

Who was I with?  No one of any significance to me (which I am usually fine with).  A shout out to whomever the bartender was for being nice and making a really good chocolate martini. She (appropriately) commented that my drink choice was atypical.  I told her I wanted the drink for a personal reason.  She said whatever the personal reason was she would make a nice drink for me, and she did.

Chocolate Martini Hilton Garden Inn CLT
To whomever you are, I hope you don’t mind being in my blog.  You are really nice, and make a great drink, and Hilton should give you a raise if you still work there.

[Insert a very small violin playing a very sad song here] As a final slap in the birthday face, the business meetings went just fine, but then the sky darkened, the thunder roared, the lightening struck the tarmac (which means an automatic airport shutdown) and I did not get home until about 11:30 PM.  On my birthday.  Boo hoo hoo me.

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