There is nothing as wonderful as a cute cat picture to pick us up with a smile.  Its no wonder cats are the most popular thing on YouTube and why we have over 33 million Instacat tags.

I have a bias to Billysky my rescue tuxedo cat. She turned 5 this week. Here are 5 cute pictures of in honor of her 5th birthday, plus a few bonus pictures.  Just for fun I put a caption of what Billysky might be saying with each picture.

I Got The Bird In My Sights

“You’ve got to admit that bird looks delicious. Let me out.   I’ll share it with you I promise.”

Tuxedo Cat and Penguin

Tuxedo cat with penguin
“Take a picture of me and my sister.”

Cat In Messy Bedroom

cat in messy bedroom
“Don’t worry about cleaning up this bedroom.  I think its comfortable just the way it is.”

Cat Plant Holder

“So now you’ve got a plant holder that looks like me.  You’re creeping me out a little Paul with your cat obsession.”

Cat Whiskers

A cat’s whiskers are amazing with how much utility they have for a cat.  Until we see the whiskers glimmering in the morning sunlight, we often overlook the number and placement of our cats whiskers.

Says Billysky:  “I must be a Millennial – look at how much facial hair I have.”

A Tired Cat

“Don’t worry.  I’ll be awake by 3 am so we can play again.  And yes of course I’ll wake you up too.”

How Old Is Your Cat In Human Years

I found this chart on my vet’s website.  It is pretty cool to think about and better understand our cats.  We used to say it was the cats age times 7, but this chart makes more sense. At 6 cat years, Billysky is the equivalent of a 40 year old woman.

cats age in human years

No matter what age Billysky is though, she’ll always be my adorable little girl that still prefers my water glass to any other and loves to cuddle any time of day or night.

More Cat Posts

If you enjoy cat posts, again in honor of Billysky’s 6th birthday, here are my 6 favorite cat posts on this blog site (not all of them are Billysky):

I end with the only word I can think of:  Meow.